No More Sogginess with Unsinkable Biscuits

Posted By Ben Goulding, 2 September, 2009 | permalink

Those dunkers out there, yes, those who like to dunk biscuits and other such things into their tea, will probably, at some stage, have held their biscuit in their drink for too long, causing it to break up and ruin the beverage. Well fear no more my friends, you can now dunk with an unsinkable biscuit.

Unsinkable Biscuit

“A chef claims to have created a snack that can be dipped in tea for up to two minutes without breaking, meaning drinkers will no longer have to fish sodden lumps from the bottom of their mugs.

The biscuit owes its strength to a special ingredient, sweet potato, according to Felice Tocchini of the Fusion Brasserie restaurant in Worcester.”

Although, sweet potato in a biscuit! I mean, sweet potato and gravy is fair enough, but sweet potato and tea? I’ll let you make your minds up on that one.


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