Happy 40th Birthday Internet?

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Internet-Explorer-LogoOn September 2, 1969, scientists at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA), connected two computers with a 15ft grey cable that were able to communicate with each other.

The data these early computers exchanged was tiny and meaningless, but it was the breakthrough that eventually created the internet. However, with many other milestones in history, so when should we really celebrate the birth of the internet?

Oct 29, 1969 – The first time a message was sent between two distant ARPANET computers – from UCLA to a machine based at the Stanford Research Institute.

1971 – Computer engineer Ray Tomlinson sent the first email. It was simply a test message to himself.

Jan 1, 1983 – On this day all computers on the ARPANET network were required to adopt the TCP/IP protocol, the online communication standard that is still used today.

March 1989 – Twenty years after the earliest incarnations of the internet emerged, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web as an efficient system for posting and accessing information.

April 1993 – The launch of Mosaic, the first web browser to make a real effort at usability, helped popularise the internet.

Whilst many believe that September 2 should be regarded as the internet’s birthday, when do you think is the most appropriate anniversary?


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