The First Video Ever Uploaded To YouTube

Posted By Ben Goulding, 28 August, 2009 | permalink

(Youtube Link)

This is the first video ever on YouTube, uploaded at 8:27PM on Saturday April 23rd, 2005. The video was shot by Yakov Lapitsky at the San Diego Zoo. Who would have thought then, that YouTube would go on to become one of the biggest and most popular sites on the net?

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Asswass August 28, 2009

haha the first one? I thought the first videos would be uploaded by the creators of YouTube.

Ben Goulding August 28, 2009

Well, I guess the founders will have tested it, but the first “user” video to be uploaded was by Yakov Lapitsky. It’s a bit dull isn’t it?

Extreme John August 29, 2009

I always wondered what the first video to You Tube was, aside from the testing videos and such.

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