Is Wednesday The Worst Day Of The Week?

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Mondays are given a bad rap, aren’t they? The first day of the working week and nobody wants to get out of bed. Well, in fact, new research has found that Monday my not be the worst day of the week- Wednesday is!

Worst Day Of My Life

New research by two American applied mathematicians suggests that Wednesday is the most miserable day of the week.

“Professors Christopher Danforth and Peter Dodds, of Vermont University, analysed words used in 2.4 million internet blogs such as Twitter, giving a score out of nine depending on how positive they were.

Words like free, fun, rainbow and sex all scored above eight, while words such as betray, cruel, hatred and suffocate all scored less than two.

Saturday and Sunday rated predictably well but, perhaps surprisingly, Monday came out as the second happiest day of the week, partly because people were still reminiscing about the weekend. However by Wednesday, these feelings had subsided.”

Is Monday really the second best day of the week? What’s your worst day of the week, and why?


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Asswass August 26, 2009

What? I love wednesdays. Specially wednesday afternoon. I hate Monday.

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