One Million Rupee Prize For Coconut Picking Machine

Posted By Ben Goulding, 21 August, 2009 | permalink

Coconut Tree

An Indian government department is offering one million rupees ($20,500) to the person who invents a method of collecting coconuts without having to climb up the vast palms.

With more and more men going into white collar work, the number of coconut palm climbers is declining, which urged the government to provide an incentive for coconut picking.

“It should be a simple method that can be used by women and even old people to pluck coconuts without climbing the tree. We call upon anyone to develop a product that can be used to pluck coconuts while standing on the ground. Anyone wanting to go ahead with this should submit a design and if it is approved, they will be given one million rupees to develop it.”

Anyone got any ideas?


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Stu October 27, 2010

Since they’re too poor to afford a cherry picker (boom lift), and they stipulated they wanted “a product that can be used to pluck coconuts while standing on the ground”… My vote would be dynamite.

True it’s only good for one harvest, but thems the breaks.

Give me my money!

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