Hands Teach You To Play The Piano

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Do you want to learn to play the piano, without having an instructor teach you? Well now you can, with “Concert Hands.”

Concert hands is a new technology with four main components – the software, controller box, ten finger sleeves, and two wrist pilots. The software takes the song file and converts it to a proprietary file system where the controller box distributes the signal to the wrist pilots and finger sleeves.

When the music begins the wrists pilots guide your hands across the piano to a specific location and the finger sleeves receive a pulse to indicate which key to press. The idea is after a period of time the repetitive motions and signals will develop muscle memory within the end user and enable him or her to play their favorite songs on their own.

So in effect, “Concert Hands” doesn’t actually “teach” you how to play the piano, but instead helps you to memorize finger movements so that you can play one particular song, whilst having hands that look like they belong at the back of a server rack.

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