The History Of The Most Famous Typeface – Times New Roman

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Times New Roman. Image: justcreativedesign

Recently reported in the FT, was a history of the typeface we have all become so familiar with – Times New Roman. It’s a really interesting article and well worth a read.

Here’s an extract:

In his apartment overlooking the fishing docks of Portland, Maine, Mike Parker was putting the final touches to a font, thinning a few obstinate serifs and thickening some delicate stems. The typeface he was working on was instantly recognisable, even to those with no interest in letterform. It looked just like Times New Roman. Yet on Parker’s sample sheet it was marked by a different name. “I call it Starling, after the man who originally drew it,” he said.

Click the link to find out the history of the Times New Roman typeface.

Link – The History of the Times New Roman Typeface.

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