Algeria Causes Confusion By Changing The Days Of It’s Weekend

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Since 1976, Algeria has held it’s weekend from Thursday to Friday, but in a bid to boost the country’s economy, the government has announced that it will coordinate its weekend with that of neighboring states, and will observe a Friday to Saturday rest period.

While businesspeople in the region have hailed to move, some Algerians have complained that some local trade could be lost with consumers at work on Thursdays.

“With reduced consumer traffic on Thursdays, shops could be forced to open on Saturdays. But critics of the move warn that businesses could be hit by the change, with Muslims observing the Friday holy day and then relaxing at home on Saturdays as the new week starts.”

As well as this, most of Algeria’s business partners are in Europe, America and Asia, who all have their weekend on Saturday and Sunday, meaning that Algeria’s business week was effectively reduced to three days.

The Thursday to Friday weekend cost Algeria $700 million annually, according to the International Finance Corporation.


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