Periodic Table Sweater

Posted By Ben Goulding, 14 August, 2009 | permalink

One loving wife, knitted her physicist husband this rather fetching Periodic Table sweater.

Periodic Table Sweater

“I knitted this sweater in 1998 using Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn in Hunter Green, Burgundy, and Wheat Sprinkles (the yarn was a gift, so I didn’t have a choice of colour). It started out as a rather unusual and charming (in my humble opinion) cabled sweater for my husband. When I showed it to Baruch, he tried to feign enthusiasm but I could sense that he was disappointed. I asked him what was wrong and he answered, “I was hoping for something …. different.”

It’s the thought that counts though, eh? Although, I would love to see him wearing the sweater. In my eyes, he’d automatically become the coolest physicist in the world!

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