Attacked Georgian Blogger Was Meant To Be Silenced, Instead He Becomes Famous

Posted By Ben Goulding, 10 August, 2009 | permalink

The massive cyber attacks last week were aimed at silencing one blogger, instead, it has made him famous.

“Cyxymu” as he is known on his anti-Russian blog, who says his first name is “Giorgy”, has been the focus of worldwide news reports after he was identified as the target that took down Twitter for several hours.

“I am not happy that [my] blogs were attacked,” said the blogger, speaking on his cellphone from outside the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. “But it is good that I get famous.

“I think Obama knows about me, because he likes Internet news.”

Giorgy says that the attacks will not stop him from his writings.

“I want to create a new Internet blog,” he said, to be housed on “a server in America.”

It seems like the Russian hacker’s plans may have blown up in their faces.


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