Keyboard For Blondes

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Keyboard For Blondes

Click here for a larger version.


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pinoywebdev August 3, 2009

This looks very feminine. :)

Ben Goulding August 3, 2009

Yes it does pinoywebdev. Did you see the keys close up? Really made me laugh when I first saw it.

Pink_Mary August 7, 2009

That bubblegum-pink Keyboard for Blondes is amazing stuff  there are dedicated keys for such 100-times-a-day texts like “OMG,” “LOL” or “ZZZD”. The keyboard lets you tap out musical notes on the number keys, exclaims “oops” if you hit the backspace and makes the cash register clinking sound when you hit the dollar sign.
I made it as a gift and she was happy ti get it :)
more information here:

Ben Goulding August 7, 2009

It’s just a genius invention. Hopefully people will see it as a light hearted joke, rather than offensive.

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