Haggis Is NOT Scottish!

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I’m sure if I asked you what county do you think haggis originated from, you’d say Scotland. Well, in fact, Haggis was invented by the English.

Catherine Brown, a food historian has discovered that the dish was already in a recipe book from 1615, The English Hus-wife by Gervase Markham.

The first mention she could find of Scottish haggis was in 1747, indicating that the dish originated south of the Border and was later copied from English books.

Haggis, which is made from a mixture of oatmeal, liver, heart and lungs, is not the first Scottish icon said to originate from England.

In his last book before his death, Hugh Trevor-Roper, the eminent historian, wrote that the kilt’s inventor was a Quaker from Lancashire, England.

Ach! I’m sure that’s a tough one to swallow for the Scots!


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