The Freedom Pig Becomes A Hero

Posted By Ben Goulding, 27 July, 2009 | permalink

A 150lb pig who has evaded capture for five months since appearing in a park in the Cove neighborhood of Panama City, Florida is being hailed as a hero.

The animal has survived being shot with tranquiliser darts and a taser stun gun since it’s been on the run.

A Facebook group called “the Pig of the Cove” has been set up to celebrate the pig, so far boasting 429 members across the US. Many believe that the pig is a symbol of our desire to live free lives, free of government control.

Animal control officials insist that they are not trying to kill the animal but only want to catch it before it hurts itself or someone else. The humane society said the pig will not be put down.

Should the pig be stopped or should officials let it carry on it’s mission as an inspiration to many. Your thoughts.


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