World’s First Luxury Underwater Hotel

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Hydropolis will be the first world’s luxury underwater hotel when it is completed later this year.

Hydropolis. Image: mymodernmet

Hydropolis. Image: mymodernmet

Located in Dubai, guests will arrive at a station on land and be transported via a connecting tunnel to the main area of the hotel. The complex covers an area of one square mile, houses 220 suites and comes at a cost of $490 million.

Hydropolis will be located 65 feet (20m) below the Persian Gulf and will feature restaurants, bars, a ball room, meeting rooms and theme suites. The developer, Joachim Hauser, says “Hydropolis is not a project; it’s a passion.

“We want to create the first ever faculty for marine architecture because I believe that the future lies in the sea, including the future of city planning,” says Hauser. “I am certain that one day a whole city will be built in the sea. Our aim is to lay the first mosaic by colonizing the sea.”


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