Nuns Stopped By Police On Way To Pope’s House

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Pope-Benedict-XVIAfter learning that Pope Benedict XVI had suffered a minor accident, three nuns rushed to his holiday home to make sure he was OK.

Pope Benedict had slipped in the bathroom and fractured his wrist at his summer holiday chalet in Les Combes.

The three nuns, aged 56, 65 and 78 were driving at 120mph in their Ford Fiesta when police pulled them over.

A spokesman for Turin’s police, said: “Hopefully Sister Tavoletta will be making sure she confesses her bad driving the next she goes to confession. But in the meantime, she will have to pay the Euros 375 fine (£325).”

But Sister Tavoletta, who also lost her driving licence for a month, has not meekly accepted this rebuke. Instead, she will appeal against the fine with the aid of Italy’s best known lawyer in driving cases, Anna Orecchioni.


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