Have Knives Gone Out Of Fashion?

Posted By Ben Goulding, 20 July, 2009 | permalink

Knife, Fork and Spoon. Image: GETTYKnives, once a regular tool used at meal times, now it seems they have been given the chop.

A growing trend in today’s society seems to be TV dinners, and there is good reason for this. With more women working now than ever and working hours at an all time high, people have less time and so things like meal times are put on the back burner.

With many people eating the majority of their meals on their laps, just using a fork or fingers, knives have lost their place as a common piece of cutlery. Major UK retailer, Debenhams said that four years ago it sold equal numbers of knives and forks, but in the last few months it has sold about two forks for every knife.

Should we be worried about this? Should more emphasis be put on making time for eating meals with the family at the table, or is that just impossible with the busy schedules of today?


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