Piglet Squid Smiles For The Camera

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Piglet Squid. Image: Cabrillo Marine Aquarium / CATERS NEWS

Piglet Squid. Image: Cabrillo Marine Aquarium / CATERS NEWS

This photograph shows a rarely seen sea creature smiling for cameras at a rescue aquarium.

Piglet squids (Helicocranchia pfefferi) are normally found in the depths of the ocean, more than 320ft (100m) below the surface, but this particular squid was collected by the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium where it was filmed looking rather happy.

The creature is only 3.9 inches (10cm) long which is about the same size as an orange. It navigates its way around the ocean using its light producing organs.

This little piglet looks like it’s having a whale of a time!

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