New “Zombie” Cellphone Network Created

Posted By Ben Goulding, 17 July, 2009 | permalink

Cellphone Botnet. Image: SymantecEveryone knows about computer viruses. They have the potential to be very dangerous. Botnets are usually networks of infected computers that can be used to make money from spam or extortion. But now, computers aren’t the only device capable of containing such harmful software.

Criminal hackers may have successfully created a network of “zombie” cellphones infected with software that can be used to send spam or attack websites without the owner ever knowing.

Security firm Symantec, says that a piece of software known as “Sexy Space” may be the first case of a botnet on a cellphone. It sends text messages containing a link, which when clicked asks the user to download software which, when installed, sends the same text message to all of the contacts stored in the phone.

Beware of this scam when opening texts.


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