The Words “I Love You” Are Worth £163,424

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Value Of Love. Image: persistentillusionFor some it may be priceless, however a new study has found that hearing the words “I Love You” has a monetary value of £163,424 ($264,665).

Researchers in the UK asked 1,000 people to to rate their top 50 life events and experiences that made them happy and compare them with the pleasure they would get from winning the lottery. Overall this gave a value to the words “I Love You” of £163,424.

Good health had the highest monetary value of £180,105, having children totaled £123,592, whilst spending time with friends was worth £63,256. Surprisingly eating chocolate was worth £9,000 more than having a meal.

Is it really possible to put a monetary value on such events? Different individuals, different wealths and different priorities surely make it impossible. Could you really put a price on your health or on your children? I would have thought they would be priceless, no?

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