Let’s Get Ready To…Pea Shoot?!

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Wimbledon, make way, it’s time for the pea shooting world championships!

Yesterday, the world pea shooting championships took place at Witcham, Cambridgeshire, UK. The crowd gathered as reigning champion, George Hollis, 58, took to the green.

Each contestant must shoot 5 peas, by blowing with the mouth, at a putty target 12 yards away.
Pea Shooting. Image: emmawoodsphotos
Spectators looked on in awe as George aimed his laser-guided shooter and took fire. Those peas flew like bullets out of an AK47…George was on fire!

His home-made shooter featured a laser sight, a gyroscopic balancing mechanism and “other bits” borrowed from his son’s Nintendo. This state of the art technology has helped George to three world championships, however yesterday, he was unable to complete the quadruple.

The title was one by Jim Collins of Camridgeshire, UK, using a more traditional-style peashooter.

Better luck next year George!

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