Burger King Forced To Apologize To Hindus

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Burger King has been forced to apologize to Hindus after it showed an Indian goddess with a “forbidden” Whopper Burger.

The advert had a picture of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, about to eat a beef burger, stating “The snack is sacred.”

Burger King Advert. Image: EUROPICS

The company withdrew it’s adverts from it’s outlets in Spain after Hindus complained that it was a disgrace to their religion and issued an apology after Hindu leaders condemned the posters.

“We are apologising because it wasn’t our intent to offend anyone,” said spokesperson Denise T Wilson. “Burger King Corporation values and respects all of its guests as well as the communities we serve. This in-store advertisement was running to support only a local promotion for three restaurants in Spain and was not intended to offend anyone.
“Out of respect for the Hindu community, the limited-time advertisement has been removed from the restaurants,” she added.

This isn’t the first time Burger King has offended sections of society however. Earlier this year, the fast food chain offended Mexican officials with an advert for the “Texican Whopper” showing a dwarf dressed as a wrestler draped in the Mexican flag.

This has certainly brought a lot of attention to the company. Do you think that the Hindu advert was a genuine mistake or was it a Burger King publicity stunt? You Decide.

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