“Thinking Cap” Closer To Reality

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We all want to have fast, powerful brains…it would make life a whole lot easier. Well, scientists have moved a step closer to creating a “thinking cap” which can boost brainpower, enhancing the brain’s ability to learn.

New research has shown that stimulating a persons brain with magnets, significantly improved the ability of the brain to learn a task and remember it. Thinking Cap

Researchers at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, took 30 volunteers and tested their ability to track a red dot on a computer screen using a joystick. The dots would move randomly, then enter a programmed patter and finally return to moving randomly. The volunteers were unaware of the repeated section.

During the test some of the volunteers had their brains stimulated by magnets, whilst the others did not. The results showed no significant difference in the volunteers ability during the random sections, however those that had their brains stimulated were better at tracking the red dots during the repeated section.

So there we have it. A “thinking cap” could be of benefit to us all, but especially to those with learning difficulties. Maybe we’ll all end up being geniuses in the not too distant future!

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