Ice From The Sky

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The last thing you’d expect to see on a sunny day is a large icicle falling from the sky onto your lap. Well, that’s what happened to a man from Bristol, UK earlier this week.Ice From The Sky

David Gammon, 76, was having dinner on his patio, when he heard a whistling sound, swiftly followed by a grapefruit-sized block of ice falling onto his leg. Gammon had a lucky escape and was only left with a minor bruise on his leg, however others have had less luck. A woman from Loughborough, UK had her car crushed last week, as it sat in the parking lot, by a block of ice that fell from the sky, leaving a 2ft dent.

It is believed that the much of the ice that is reported as “falling from the sky” actually falls from the the toilets of airplanes flying above. Falling from over 2,000 ft, at such a speed, it is clear that the ice has potential to do hefty damage on impact.

Heads up for ice everyone!

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