Dinosaurs Were “Couch Potatoes”

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For years it has been thought that dinosaurs’ massive size was in some way due to the way they regulated their blood temperature, however Dr McNab, from the University of Florida believes that their surrounding food resources were more important.

Dr McNab argues that easy access to food, along with their lazy lifestyle made dinosaurs the largest creatures to have ever walked the earth. He explained the body size of existing and extinct mammals, including ancient rhinoceros and modern elephants and concluded that some of those mammals with greater resources had a larger mass.

Dr McNab’s findings are published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. He said “Like couch potatoes sitting within easy reach of high calorie foods, the gargantuan size of dinosaurs most likely stems from the abundance of resources available, coupled with low energy expenditures.

Dinosaurs were "couch potatoes"
“The factors most responsible for setting the maximal body size of vertebrates are resource quality and quantity, as modified by the mobility of the consumer, and the vertebrate’s rate of energy expenditure.”

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