Sony Patents Everyday Objects As Game Controllers

Posted By Ben Goulding, 6 July, 2009 | permalink

With video games becoming ever more realistic, Sony now has a patent on “real life objects” motion control technology. Yes, that’s right, in the future we could be using our real life keys to open doors, along with other everyday objects we own such as coffee mugs, drinking glasses, books, and bottles, in gameplay.

The patent is intended for the Playstation Eye which can recognise 3D objects and use them as part of its games.
Players show the object (U shaped object in image above) to the camera, rotate it and save it as a file. The system is then able to recognize the object and respond to its movements.

It seems as if Sony is taking gameplay and motion sensing technology to a whole new level, which sounds very exciting. Although what’s next…Sony patenting its game players?

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