New Technology For U.S. Soldiers

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Land WarriorWhen the U.S. Soldiers of the 5th Stryker Brigade touch down in Afghanistan later this month, they will be equipped with the most high-tech gear to aid them in combat.

The new “Land Warrior” computer system enables soldiers to view digital terrain maps, track fellow soldiers with GPS, communicate with soldiers and medics via text messaging or whispers and quickly pinpoint where the enemy is located.

“We’d jump off the helicopter, and within seconds we knew exactly where we were and exactly where we the target was,” one soldier stated. “You don’t really need to communicate through the radio to find out where others are or pull a piece of paper out of your pocket to find out where you need to go.”

Like in the movies, soldiers’ helmets contain microphones and computerized eyepieces, and their rifles will have an extra array of laser sights and sensors networked with backpack computers.

The Pentagon’s push to continually improve soldiers’ equipment will most definitely come in handy as troops increase their offense against the Taliban.

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