TV Show Aims To Convert Non-Believers

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A new Turkish television game show will bring together a Christian priest, a Muslim imam, a rabbi and a Buddhist monk with the aim of converting 10 atheists.

A successful convert will win a pilgrimage to a holy site of their chosen religion (the Vatican for Christians, Mecca for Muslims, Jerusalem for Jews and Tibet for Buddhists).

The show has been controversial however, with Muslim leaders showing their disapproval and the Religious Affairs Directorate refusing to provide an imam for the show.

“Doing something like this for the sake of ratings is disrespectful to all religions. Religion should not be a subject for entertainment programs,” High Board of Religious Affairs Chairman Hamza Aktan told state news agency Anatolian after news of the planned show emerged.

The Turkish television station opposes this view stating, “We are giving the biggest prize in the world, the gift of belief in God.”

Is the game show acting in an unethical and immoral manor just to gain views, or is it providing a genuine opportunity for non-believers to find God and enrich their lives? You decide.

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