Bear Mugs Man For Sandwich

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Hungry BearOn Friday 26th June 2009 Henry Rouwendel from Vernon, New Jersey told police that he was first person to be attacked by a bear in the town for 25 years.  Mr Rouwendel claimed he was packing his car when he was attacked from behind and knocked to the ground. 

What was astonishing about this attack was that the furry assailant was not looking to maul Mr Rouwendel in a frenzied attack.  Amazingly the bear was more interested in his fine Italian sandwich.

The bear was seen making his getaway with the bread, salami and meats from the sandwich after having discarded the lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

The Environmental Protection Department are looking for a delinquent bear with a liking for Italian food.

Have you ever had your dinner stolen by a stoat, robbed by a rabbit or pilfered by a puffin?  If so, be sure to tell us about it.

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