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Social networking has become a major part of the lives of so many in today’s world. Twitter has become one of the latest internet sensations. It’s micro-blogging feature, has attracted many celebrities to the site, from Barack Obama to Britney Spears, all tweeting their every movement, attracting thousands of “followers”. Though not everyone is able to attract such vast amounts of followers.

“Oh no!” I hear you cry…well there is no need… now has a solution. The social marketing company, based in Australia, has launched a paid service where Twitter users can buy followers. The company searches for potential followers through areas of common interest. It then sends the potential follower a message alert, to which the potential follower then decides whether or not to follow that person.

The company’s packages range from $87 for 1,000 twitter followers in 7 days to $3479 for 100,000 followers in 365 days. It markets it’s service on the basis that Twitter can be an advertising tool to earn an individual or company, customers and therefore sales. It states “The simple fact is, Twitter followers are worth money to you and your business. The more followers you have, the more money you will inevitably make marketing your products and services to them.”

twitterHowever, it is thought that such a procedure will lead to an increase in “Twitter spam” as users are faced with irrelevant tweets.

Personally, I am not a fan of this approach to gaining followers. Yes, gaining 100,000 new followers is likely to be a somewhat effective advertising tool, however I believe that a follower who has been bought is unlikely to be as valuable to an individual or company as a follower who has voluntarily gone out of their way to follow a user and therefore has a genuine interest in their tweets.

What are your opinions on uSocial? Do you know anyone who has used this service or are you someone who is considering it? Let us know your motivation for this, and what you have gained from it.

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