“Chav-Free” Holidays Are Flying

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British holiday firm “Activities Abroad” is at the center of controversy over it’s pledge to promise it’s customers a “chav free” holiday.

People with names like Charles, Michael, Alice or Charlotte are much more likely to be allowed on an “Activities Abroad” holiday, after the firm researched that children with “middle-class” names were eight times as likely to pass their high school exams than those with lower class names such as Dwayne and Wayne. Chav

Activities Abroad contacted 24,000 customers with a list of names they were unlikely to encounter on one of their holidays, including Britney, Dazza, Chardonnay and Candice.

The founder, Alistair McLean, has since received many complaints with customers threatening to boycott the firm. Mr McLean said that he meant it as a tongue-in-cheek joke.

Though with sales up 32% on last year, it becomes apparent that this may be what the public want?

What are your views on this story? Is this a clear sign of society’s prejudice against a minority or just a publicity stunt that went too far?

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